Cultural Reproduction

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Cultural Reproduction[edit]

The transmission process of certain existing values, norms, and ideas from generation to generation. Cultural reproduction finds its meaning in mechanisms which allow the continuity of particular cultural aspects across time. Cultural Reproduction may be the result of social reproduction, or transferring certain aspects of society from one generation to another. This phenomenon is usually expressed through concrete actions by some parts of society, reproducing the previous social groups in order to preserve their advantage. In historical terms, it is obvious that Cultural Reproduction had a significant role in creating Cultural Diplomacy and generally speaking, modern society, especially by people who moved from other countries and passed their cultural norms and traditions to the citizens of host countries. Cultures transmit aspects of behavior which individuals learn in an informal way while they are visiting other countries and exploring other cultures. This interaction between individuals resulting in the exchange of cultural norms, values, ideas, and information is accomplished through a process known as socialization.

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