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John Crown was born March 1st 1957. A consultant oncologist by profession, he has served in the Irish Seanad since 2011.

Political Career[edit]

Before entering politics, Crown was very active in the field of medicine and the fight against cancer. Crown was a critic of the health policy during the Bertie Ahern administration and his successor Brian Cowen.

In March 2011 Crown stood for the elections to Seanad Éireann on the National University of Ireland Panel, as a non-party candidate. Crown pledged that should he have won the elections, he would have given up his senator's salary to cancer research. He has been committed to an effective reform of the Irish health care service.


Professor Crown was educated at the University College Dublin, where he received his medical training. He received his postdoctoral training on both sides of the Atlantic and went on to complete his fellowship training in oncology at Mount Sinai Medical Centre and in haematology/oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. He later served as assistant professor at Cornell University Medical College and assistant member at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre before joining St. Vincent’s University Hospital in 1993.

Notable Works[edit]

Before starting his political career, John Crown was already very committed to the fight against cancer, both as a promoter and as a researcher. John Crown is the founder of the Clinical Trials Unit at St. Vincent’s University Hospital. John Crown is also an inter-institutional programme of bidirectional translational breast cancer research in collaboration with many high profile researchers in the field. In 2007 Crown was awarded a Health Research Board (HRB) Clinician Scientist Award.

After his election, Crown focused his energies on fighting cancer inside the political system. His activities include the Reporting of Lobbying in Criminal Legal Cases Bill and the protection of Children's Health from tobacco smoke Bill.

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