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48px CheckUser evidence has determined that this IP address (or network) has been used abusively.
This address (or network) has been blocked temporarily or permanently to prevent further abuse.

In extreme cases, an entire network may be blocked to prevent an abusive user from continually changing their IP address in order to evade blocks or abusing multiple accounts. If you are a registered user and are seeing this message, please follow these instructions.

Administrators: CheckUsers are privy to confidential system logs not accessible by the public or administrators due to the Wikimedia Foundation's privacy policy, and therefore the blocking administrator must be consulted before this block can be removed.

Users: If you already have an account in good standing, you may request IP block exemption to bypass this block. Post an unblock request to your user talk page.

Usage: {{checkuserblock|comments (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}

Important: Only use sig=~~~~ if you wish to sign the default blocking notice when used on a talk page. Remember that signatures are not substituted in the block reason field.