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48px CheckUser evidence has determined that this IP address (or network) has been used abusively.
This address (or network) has been blocked temporarily or permanently to prevent further abuse.

In extreme cases, an entire network may be blocked to prevent an abusive user from continually changing their IP address in order to evade blocks or abusing multiple accounts. If you are a registered user and are seeing this message, please follow the instructions below.

This IP range,, is registered to Synetrix Holdings Limited, a company that provides internet connectivity to school and other public sector locations in the UK. Individual IPs may belong to one school or may be shared by several schools. This IP range is the site of repeated abusive vandalism attacks. Attempts to stop the vandalism by blocking anonymous editing and account creation have been unsuccessful, as the vandal uses alternate locations to create accounts and then vandalizes from here. We are aware that the IPs are shared. However, for the first two weeks of August, at least 90% of over 1000 edits were vandalism. This has necessitated the blocking of the entire range.

We are also aware that this may cause serious problems once school starts again in the fall. We want to block this vandal while impacting as few good users as possible. The following steps will help you to edit.

  1. Users who created their accounts before July 15, 2008 may request an an IP block exemption by posting an unblock request to your user talk page.
  2. New users will be required to edit from home only for a few weeks before requesting the block exemption to allow you to edit from school. This is to reduce the likelihood of granting the exemption to the vandal. Administrators are advised to contact a checkuser when in doubt about granting the exemption.
  3. If it is possible to determine that certain IPs in this range are not available to the vandal, those IPs could be directly unblocked, which would override the range block. Please ask someone from the IT department at your school to contact us.
  4. If it is possible to determine the identity of the vandal and restrict his computer access, the block could be lifted. An appropriate authority (School Headmaster, Synetrix IT department, etc) should contact Wikimedia Foundation attorney Mike Godwin using the contact information provided to begin inquiries. Users may wish to contact their school's network administrator about this situation.

Administrators: CheckUsers are privy to confidential system logs not accessible by the public or administrators due to the Wikimedia Foundation's privacy policy, and therefore must be consulted before this block can be removed.