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This template is for use on the talk page of templates that are used as editintro. For example http://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=foo_bar_baz&editintro=template:New_page&action=edit preloads template:New page above the editbox. We can not add documentation, or categories to these templates, as <noinclude> sections are still included into the edit box. So we add it to the talk page

Thus please put this template on the talk page of editintro templates so editors no what the deal is with such templates, and they get properly categorized into category:Editintro templates.

This template can take two parameters. both are unnamed, and are pages{{ambox|text= The template that this talk page is for is a preload template. Such templates must not include <noinclude> sections. The raw contents of this template is pre-loaded into the edit box in certain circumstances. All documentation pertaining to this template must be on the talk page, or in some other location not directly on the template. Please see help:Creating and using editintro and preload templates for more information.

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