A Message of Trust in the European Union From the President of Romania, Klaus Johannis

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Iulia Huiu, a State Councilor Presents a Message From the Romanian

April 19th, 2016

President of Romania, Klaus Johannis 1.jpg

President, Klaus Johannis During the Conference Disintegration and Integration in Central-Eastern Europe "Borders, Identities, Communities : The Road to Reconciliation and Partnership in Central and Eastern Europe » Organized at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy on April the 14th and 15th.

Iulia Huiu started her speech by saying how inspired she was of speaking in front of so many people from the academic world and so many young people. Then, she followed this opening remark by delivering the message of the Romanian President. This message begins with an acknowledgment of the opportunity that this conference, gathering people from different parts of Europe discussing matters regarding Europe’s future, provides, particularly in « encouraging intellectual efforts to find common answers to the most current questions ». The message of Klaus Johannis continued by reminding us that the European Union is currently facing a critical time that has an impact on Eastern and Central Europe as well as in the rest of Europe and that can shake the foundations of the European project itself. Through Yulia Huia, the Romanian President reminded the audience that the most pessimistic scenarios were projecting the collapse of the European Union.

For Romania, this option is unacceptable. The main point of this speech was to show that this challenges shouldn’t divide Europe but remind us why we build the European project, why we wanted to keep moving forward together and, as she says : « our fondamental values and beliefs, our commitment towards democracy, freedom, peace, security, to providing our citizens a safe and prosperous life ». The message of the President is crystal clear as it says that there is no other alternative that to stay within a strong European Union. It also expresses that he trusts that his view is shared both by the Romanian people and the other Eastern and Central European countries since European integration has been one of their main national political objectives in their post-communist economy.

Klaus Johannis’ message reminds us of his attachment to the European project as it says that the troubles of today shouldn’t make us forget the long-term opportunities and benefits that being a part of the EU provides. He is urging European countries to work together to enhance the trust of the European Citizen in the European institutions in order to fight against extremism, racism, populism, radicalism an euro-skepticism. The last sentence of this speech sums-up the message of Klaus Johannis very well: « We can overcome these difficulties with more unity, more partnership, more solidarity ».

This was a message of hope and trust that reminded us of his belief in the power of the European construction that was sent by the Romanian president and delivered by Iulia Huiu. As a country like the UK is going to organize a referendum on wether they should stay within the EU or not and as the EU is being heavily criticized, it is important to relay this type of message that shows that many countries still believe on the European project.

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