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The iCulturalDiplomacy wiki-resource is an open platform, and as such, is accessible to everyone. To create pages and articles, you must first sign up and then you are free to upload, edit, improve as you please.

What to write? The only guidelines that must be adhered to are that the articles must be relevant to the context of Cultural Diplomacy. This, however, can be subjectively interpreted thus providing a wide scope for content. Suggested topics include: international relations, politics, globalisation, religion, employment.

Essential steps

  • When uploading your article you must title the document in the following format:
  • Topic-Title-Author
  • EG: Interfaith Dialogue- Can tensions between Indians and Pakistanis in Kashmir be resolved with such a turbulent history

  • IMPORTANT: it is essential that you put the topic first as this will categorise all similar articles into the same section.
  • Its is necessary that you include the category at the end of the article that you are editing by copying and pasting the following code [ [ Category: Discussions on Cultural Diplomacy ] ]. By doing so, all the articles will be displayed at the same category and will not appear as a "Random Pages"

  • Articles must be fully sourced with hyperlinks to the original source of information
  • Articles must aim to be objective and neutral; presenting arguments for both sides in a fair and unbiased manner