Chinese Arts Festival Held in Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture

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This August the Third Chinese Arts Festival was held in Tunisia, as part of the Sino-Arab Cooperation Forum[edit]

September 01st, 2016

Patricia Hurdicas, CD News, CD News

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The opening ceremony of the third Chinese Arts Festival was held on August 3rd in Sfax, Tunisia. Under the theme “culture unites us and brings us together”, the city hosted a number of cultural events, including the Chinese Arts Festival.

The Chinese Ambassor to Tunis, Bian Yanhua, addressed the opening ceremony underlining the importance of cultural exchange in cooperation between China and Tunis. In the past both countries have collaborated in the field of culture, thus helping to enhance their mutual understanding and promote cultural diplomacy at the highest level.

The Tunisian minister of culture, Sonia Mbarek, confirmed the fruitful cultural cooperation between China and Tunis: “The 3rd Chinese Arts Festival gives Tunisia a propitious chance to reinforce its cultural cooperation with China.” In this way, the cooperation between the two countries "never stops going forward by great steps".

"The Chinese Art Week is a golden opportunity for the anchorage of Arabic cultural identity," said Houda Kchaou, Tunisian coordinator of this event. "Under the frame of Sino-Arabic Cooperation Forum, this international festival represents an important stage to build the solid cultural coordination thus to lay the stones for the common civilization connection," she added. In this way cultural relations between China and Tunis can be strengthened, and the fruitfulness of this cooperation will manifest itself in the cultural opportunities which will develop over the long-term.

At the opening ceremony, Chinese artists performed traditional Chinese orchestral music, oral stunts, Kunqu Opera, Peking Opera, magic and acrobatics. Moreover, an exhibition of cultural heritage in Beijing also opened at the Sfax Exhibition Center, showcasing kite making, dough figurine making, Chinese calligraphy, seal carving and paper cutting. Chinese culture was displayed in all its uniqueness and beauty to the Tunisian audience.

This festival confirms once again that art is one of the most important tools of cultural diplomacy. It is a creative field which has the potential to bring people from two different cultures together, celebrating diversity and encouraging mutual understanding between people.


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