Eesti Instituut (Estonia)

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Spreading Information about Estonian Culture and Furthering Cultural Links[edit]


The task of the Eesti Instituut (Estonian Institute) is to spread information about Estonian society and culture in other countries, further cultural and educational links and organize the teaching of Estonian language and culture outside Estonia.

Over the years the institute has published dozens of information booklets and periodicals about Estonia, compiled web pages, organized festivals, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, received journalists, researchers and lectures, translators and writers, opened culture and information centers in other countries, granted scholarships, dispatched lecturers of Estonian language and culture to universities abroad and supplied the study centers with relevant material.

The Eesti Instituut is supported from state budget via the Ministry of Culture. In introducing Estonia abroad, the Institute's long-time partner has been the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The teaching of Estonian language and culture is organized in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research. The Eesti Instituut is member of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).