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The third meeting of the board of religious leaders in Amritsar, India[edit]

In November 2007 the Elijah Interfaith Institute organized the third meeting of the board of religious leaders with a focus on "Sharing Wisdom: The Case of Love and Forgiveness". With seminars led by scholars of the Elijah Interfaith Academy, the conference elaborated on how religious traditions should, or should not, learn from one another, and consider appropriate boundaries, mechanisms and ways of sharing wisdom. The scholars prepared respective texts, based on the wisdom teachings of the different religions, along with academic position papers, which served as the basis and theoretical framework for the meetings and discussions. By working collaboratively as a team the stage was set for a high level of discussion by suggesting in advance points of commonalities and areas of collaboration amongst the different religions and their leaders. Specific focus was given to the theme of "Love and Forgiveness", a core concern of all religions and an urgent need for today's world.