European Council Of Religious Leaders

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A European platform which calls for actions to promote peaceful and fruitful coexistence for people inside and outside borders[edit]

European Council of Religious Leaders was founded in Oslo in 2002 and it is part of a more comprehensive coalition called Religions for Peace. The Council is built on the belief that dialogue and cooperation has a value in itself, and the Council has a leading role in promoting both cooperation and dialogue within the European region. The Council goes beyond words to actions, seeking to promote interreligious initiatives in order to prevent and transform communal or interreligious tensions, reduce threats of weapons, promote human development and protection of the earth. Thanks to the work of the Council, 2008 was declared as the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue and, in March, was adopted the Berlin Declaration of Interreligious Dialogue in order to promote bold, responsible and well-informed interreligious dialogue on all levels of the European society.