European Month of Photography (2004)

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A Partnership of Seven European Capitals and Their Institutions in the Field of Photography[edit]

The European Month of Photography is a network that works on a tight schedule with four meetings a year and a bi-annual production of exhibitions in each member city, curatorial activity is supported mostly by University researchers resulting in publications on photography. The project dates back to 2004, when Paris, Berlin and Vienna joined forces to exchange exhibitions through their institutions that deal with photography. Later Bratislava and Luxembourg also joined, as well as Budapest, Ljubljana, Athens and Rome. The aim is to cooperate on the European level, to exchange information and experiences, to learn and encourage creativity and support younger artists. The network does so by showcasing a joint exhibition of contemporary photography, which is shown simultaneously in a smaller exhibition in the partner cities. Every two years Berlin participates on this initiative, which involves more than 100 museums, galleries, institutes and project spaces. Exhibitions and cultural events make the festival the largest throughout Germany and attract more than 500000 visitors. Every year all exhibitions and events focus on a different specific topic decided by a jury consisting of five photographic experts. Exhibitions but also lectures, discussions, lecture performances and talks enable visitors to get various perspectives of the theme.