Great Wall of China (220 – 206 BC)

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220BC-206BC Great Wall of China.jpg

One of the Greatest Wonders of the World[edit]

The Great Wall of China is an enduring bastion of Chinese culture and strength. Originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang (c. 259-210 B.C.), construction of the best preserved portion of the wall was undertaken during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). However, construction of the rest of the wall started as early of 220 BC. Designed to defend China from invasion, ultimately unsuccessful, it nevertheless posed a very real psychological barrier to potential invaders and had symbolic might. These days its significance is cultural rather than military and demonstrates the vast capabilities of Chinese civilisations of the past and how that shapes modern day China, rather than portraying current military might. Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit the Great Wall every year as it, among other famous Chinese monuments, continues to represent a gateway into understanding the history and culture of the region. In other words, interestingly, a throughly military construction of the past now serves to unite people of different backgrounds in greater understanding of their historical and contemporary cultures.