Institute for African Culture and International Understanding (Nigeria)

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Preserving Africa's Cultural Heritage, Promoting and Strengthening Renaissance in African Cultures both at the Regional and International Levels[edit]


ACIU's aims to foster capacities and knowledge through activities that promote cultural linkages and international understanding among the peoples of Africa and the rest of the world. The Institute concentrates its action on the analysis of emerging challenges and strives to find a pathway for deploying salient elements of African culture to foster international understanding, and support dialogue among civilizations and cultures all over the world, with particular respect to issues concerning democracy and good governance. Priority is assigned to strengthening policy-oriented research and the research-policy linkages in areas of key relevance Africa such as to poverty eradication, migration, urban issues, youth, gender equality. This is done in cooperation with CODESRIA and other African research networks with interest in African cultures and the promotion of international understanding.