Jerusalem Peacemakers And The Holy City

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Peace and Reconciliation group in a modern, multi-faith and cultural Holy City[edit]

Jerusalem Peacemakers is a network of independent interfaith peace-builders dedicated to encouraging cultural and religious understanding and reconciliation in the Holy Land of Jerusalem, a city with historical significance to many religions. The aim of the Jerusalem Peacemakers is to inform the public and provide help for those dedicated to interfaith peace development. Jerusalem Peacemakers started after many conferences and events were held over 12 years, led by the Creative Health Network, led by Suzanne Keehn in California and Pam Perry in Britain. Due to this, a build-up of peacemakers formed in the Holy Land and cooperation through visits and event led to the formation of the Jerusalem Peacemakers group in 2004. Today, it is led by a group of three faith leaders from England and three from Jerusalem.