Jordan Crown Prince Meets with U.S. Breakthrough Prize Foundation’s Chairman

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The meeting focused on cooperation amongst two important institutions in the field of scientific and youth development[edit]

August 11th, 2016

Laura Serra, CD News

On August 8th, his Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II of Jordan met with Simon Pete Worden, Chairman of the U.S. Breakthrough Prize Foundation, to discuss cooperation between the Crown Prince’s Foundation and the Breakthrough Prize’s.

The Breakthrough Prizes has a long history of honouring important breakthroughs in physics, life sciences, and mathematics. The meeting between Pete Worden and the Jordanian Crown Prince focused on ways to cooperate between the their respective foundations in the framework of supporting, enabling and providing Jordanian young people with a platform to develop their capabilities and creativity. Such a goal can benefit from the key involvement of the initiatives and the expertise offered by the American prestigious institution.

The meeting highlighted the possibility for Jordan to play a leading role in the Foundation’s programs in the Middle East, particularly in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge Award, that aims at stimulating high school student’s skills in making short videos on their interpretation of several different scientific phenomena.

Mr. Worden expressed his desire to build a strategic partnership with Jordanian institutions involved in developing youth’s creativity. His visit was the first one to the Middle East and came as part of his efforts to communicate with students, researchers, stakeholders in research and scientific fields, as well as to cast light on the Foundation’s initiatives and awards.


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