Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Visits Germany

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Discussions about Terrorism in the African and European Continents Are Held

April 09th, 2016

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The Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is doing state visits during the week of the 4th of April. France is on his state visit list and Germany as well. On Wednesday the 6th of April he met the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He also took part on a business forum and met Kenyans who are residing in Germany.

This is the first time a Kenyan president has been invited to a state visit in more than 20 years. His first activity was meeting Angela Merkel in Berlin. They discussed a recent problem, namely terrorism. Nowadays not only African and Mediterranean countries are facing terrorism, but also Europe. They talked about terrorism in the African continent. Angela Merkel said that Kenya is doing a good job for peacekeeping efforts in Somalia, which a neighboring country. In Somalia the militant group Al-Shabab is based. Kenya has also been a victim of Al-Shabab´s deadly killings.

Kenyatta want to enforce the relationship between African and European countries. Germany and Kenya had a close relationship. Kenya a popular tourist destination in Germany and Kenya is Germany’s major trade partner of the African continent. In the past Germany was the first country to recognize Kenya after its independence in 1963. Uhuru Kenyatta wants to reinforce the relationship between African and European countries.

On Thursday the president chaired a business forum, the forum was organized by the IHK and the Afrika Verein. People who were interested to interact with the president Kenyatta and his delegation, had to sign up for the event.

Last but not least there was a diaspora forum, where Kenyans who are residing in Germany could meet the president.

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