Pontifical Council For Interreligious Dialogue (PCID)

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Speaking, listening, giving and receiving for mutual growth and enrichment through Inter-Religious dialogue, founded in 1964[edit]

The PCID is the central office of the Catholic Church for promoting interreligious dialogue in accordance with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, in particular the declaration Nostra Aetate. The PCID focuses on the following objectives: the promotion of mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between Catholics and the followers of other religious beliefs; the encouragement to study religions; and the promotion of people dedicated to the cause of interfaith dialogue. Today events of the Council focus on communicating common values and interests to other religious believers and spiritual leaders. It welcomes visitors to Rome, it organizes visits to countries, runs meetings and publishes the journal "Pro Dialogo", containing Church texts on dialogue, articles, and news on dialogue activities throughout the world and an Interreligious Dialogue Directory.