Symbol of Multiculturalism (1985)

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Monument to Multiculturalism.jpg

Monument to Multiculturalism by Francesco Perilli

Designed by Italian artist Francesco Perilli, the Monument to Multiculturalism is located in Toronto, Canada in front of Union Station. It was commissioned by the Congress of Italian Canadians and was unveiled on 1 July 1985 by the then Mayor of Toronto, in honour of multiculturalism in Toronto. In the shape of the globe, the monument represents the creation of a new world, demonstrating how individuals and communities from around the world have made Toronto and Canada their home. The base of the sculpture is engraved with script from the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which advocates the freedoms individuals from minority groups have; despite ones ethnic, religious or linguistic background, one shall not be denied the right to express and enjoy their culture, practice their religion or speak their language. Below an official statement on multiculturalism is inscribed which appreciates that there is no single culture in Canada and there is no superior citizen or group of citizens, thus everyone should be treated fairly and equally. The message advocated by this monument is locally, nationally and internationally appreciated and is important in encouraging the mantra that everyone is equal regardless of their cultural and religious context, something that is all to often forgotten. Thus this sculpture is significant in promoting multiculturalism and an appreciation and understanding of the various backgrounds of individuals within a community.