The Flemish-Dutch House DeBuren (Flanders and the Netherlands)

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Promoting the Culture of the Low Countries Abroad[edit]


The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren ("the neighbors") presents beauty and wisdom of the Low Countries, and offers a platform for debate about culture, science, politics and the society in Flanders, The Netherlands and Europe. It is a place where artists, journalists, academics and politicians get the opportunity to voice their thoughts. In 2004, the Flemish and the Dutch governments together took the initiative of founding the Flemish-Dutch House deBuren as a cultural institution and as a space for debate and reflection. From the heart of Brussels, deBuren offers a forum for art, culture, society and politics of the Low Countries and Europe. deBuren organizes exhibitions, encounters, debates, lectures and seminars on a wide range of topics. The activities are made for a broad audience and mainly free of charge. The audience always gets the final say. We also stimulate the virtual debate and keep a tap on topical matters via commentaries by a variety of authors and graphic columnists.