The Human Rights Concerts

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Human Rights Movement Bringing People Together[edit]

The 'Human Rights Concerts' is the name of a series of concerts presented by the human rights organizations Amnesty International in the years 1986-1998. Four main concerts were held: A Conspiracy of Hope (1986), Human Rights Now! (1988), An Embrace of Hope (1990) and The Struggle Continues (1998). The concerts were created with the intention of building a support group for Amnesty among musicians and to channel this support into a series of rock concerts and tours. The concerts attracts nearly one and a half million people. Performers give press conferences in each city at related media events and through their music they attempt to engage with the public on themes of human rights and human dignity. Furthermore participants of the concerts are provided with a copy of the Universal Declaration in their own language and an opportunity to sign the Declaration themselves and join the worldwide human rights movement.