The UN High-level Dialogue On Interfaith Cooperation For Peace

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Intercultural and Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation for Peace in the UN[edit]

The General Assembly, in its resolution 61/221 of 20 December 2006, decided "to convene in 2007 a high-level dialogue on interreligious and intercultural cooperation for the promotion of tolerance, understanding and universal respect on matters of freedom of religion or belief and cultural diversity, in coordination with other similar initiatives in this area".The General Assembly further decided that the High-level Dialogue would be held in October 2007 at the ministerial or highest possible level, and that there would also be an informal interactive hearing with representatives of civil society, including representatives of non-governmental organizations and the private sector, to be chaired by the President of the General Assembly.The following topics were the main focus of the event: (1) "Challenges of Interreligious & Intercultural Cooperation Today"; and (2) "Best Practices & Strategies for Interreligious & Intercultural Cooperation Going Forward.