Tree of Peace (2000)

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Tree of Peace.jpg

Building Bridges Between Palestinians and Israelis[edit]

Hedva Ser, a renowned French artist who was named Artist for Peace in 2011 by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) designed the Tree of Peace. She is a committed peace promoter and according to Ser the Tree of Peace was created to “build bridges between Palestinians and Israelis through science, education and the arts.” The sculpture has been placed in various locations such as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the Al Quds University in Palestine. The growing conflict between Palestine and Israel has caused much tragedy and has catalysed an international debate between different countries and communities. Through the creation of the sculpture she is encouraging various people to think about the issue of Palestine and Israel and is spreading her personal ideals of peace and harmony. Whilst it is inevitable that counter arguments and opinions will continue to exist, the creation of this sculpture by Ser is significant in bringing the issue to surface and advocating cultural diplomacy by creating a dialogue and an exchange of ideas.