Uzbekistan – Travelling the Silk Road

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The Documentary on ARTE to Showcase the Miracles of Uzbekistan to the German Public[edit]

August 11th, 2016

Anastasija Baranovska, CD News

Wild Pony Play, fairytale palaces and hospitable people who are proud of their great culture- all that meets the visitors who are traveling on the Silk Road through Uzbekistan. The ARTE Channel encourages the German public to a mesmerizing virtual trip across Uzbekistan.

The Central Asian country shares its borders to the north with Kazakhstan and on the south with Afghanistan. The journey starts in Samarkand and via Boysun, Termez and Shahrisabz in the capital Tashkent and Bukhara to Khiva from along the ancient trade route.

For centuries fairytale cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva offered trade caravans on the Silk Road, the necessary infrastructure to turn over their goods and to accommodate people and animals. Many buildings still bear witness to the splendour and wealth that brought the trade in the oasis towns.

Professor Ashur Eschpulatow said that Samarkand has many different types of ancient architecture. For example, one may find the three magnificent madrassas, madrasahs called on the Registan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Samarkand, the precious silk carpets have been made for centuries. In the process of manufacturing, the silk is dyed using unique traditional methods. Only the Afghan master-dyer knows the secret- how long the walnut shells must be cooked to achieve the exact shade. In the region Boysun in the Hissar mountains to Navroz celebration the ancient, gruff Rider game Kopkari takes place.

More than a hundred riders try to pick up Ziegenbalg from the floor and ride away with the trophy. In his birthplace Shahrisabz, the Uzbek folk hero Amir Timur (Tamerlane) erected his gigantic palace Ak Saray in 1380. Inside, one can find 100 bejeweled rooms. On the day of the glorious Timur the restorer Aziz prepares a picnic with the Uzbek national dish Palov, which mainly consists of rice, mutton and carrots.

The documentary shown on ARTE, is nothing but a trip to Uzbekistan highlights teh fascinating landscape. Howeover, the documentary also shows the problems the country faces such as the salinization of fields through the extensive cotton cultivation and restricted press freedom.

Uzbekistan – Travelling The Silk Road (Usbekistan - Auf der Seidenstraße unterwegs) Travel Documentary ARTE 19:30 Sunday, August 14th, 2016


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