When the Past Meets the Present - an Infusion of History in the Heart of Transylvania

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A unique festival for reconstructing history hosted by Romania's Cluj-Napoca[edit]

August 15th, 2016

Ionuț-Eugen-Radu Sava, CD News

When the Past Meets the Present - an Infusion of History in the Heart of Transylvania.jpg

The Transylvania History Days represent an opportunity for History enthusiasts not only in Romania, but also in East Central Europe, to interact and participate in a unique exercise of history.

Transylvania History Days - hosted at the end of July in Romania's second largest city - represents the gateway towards enhancing mutual understanding between people from across the continent.

Creating a platform to educate about Romanian history and values was the core element of the event, which determined the Center for European Dialogue and Cultural Diplomacy, the UN Youth Association of Cluj and Babeș-Bolyai University to host such an event.

Local authorities supported the festival; according to the organizers, more than one thousand people attended the event.

Transylvania History Days is a festival of historical reconstruction, whose aim is to make history more attractive and accessible to the public. For three days, members of historical reconstruction troops involved in the festival revived fights, crafts and habits of daily life in antiquity, the Middle Age and World War.

Archery, blacksmithing, embroidery and tailoring interactive workshops were the main attraction. Moreover, the public was sent back in time with unprecedented sessions of dance, music and theater.

History is an integral part of culture, and culture represents an essential part of diplomacy. Therefore, it is rightful to say that this event is one of those that not only promoted national history and values, but also culture and cultural dissemination.


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