Yunus Emre Institute (Turkey)

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Promoting Turkish Language, Culture, Arts and History[edit]


The Yunus Emre Institute has been established in 2007 by the government of Turkey with the aim of promoting the Turkish language and culture around the world. The Yunus Emre Institute will conduct activities to establish Yunus Emre Turkish cultural centers in different countries throughout the world to promote Turkish language, culture, arts and history. On the one hand, the Yunus Emre Turkish cultural centers will be contributing to the promotion of Turkey through scientific projects, cultural activities and courses, while on the other hand, the centers also aim to strengthen friendship ties and increase the cultural exchange with other countries.

Turkish language courses conducted at the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural centers provide services for those wishing to learn Turkish as a foreign language and also for those Turkish citizens living abroad to further develop their own language, thereby strengthening the continued cultural ties they have with Turkey.