DMZ World Peace Concert

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Facilitating dialogue between North and South Korea[edit]

On August 3 2013, on the country's Independence Day, a pop concert was held near Korea's Demilitarized Zone to mark six decades since the fighting stopped in the Korean War. The Peace Concert was led by the world-famous conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim. The concert was organized with the main of encouraging dialogue between the two Koreas and to bring 'understanding, patience, courage and curiosity to listen to one another', according to the Barenboim. The event also featured a choir of veterans who joined the South Korean army during the Korean war as child soldiers who sang the song "Our Wish is Korean Reunification". Furthermore Beethovens 9th symphony "Ode to Joy" was chosen to deliver a message of peace and in symbolization of the strength of humanity. A total of 10.000 people attended the concert. This Peace Concert can be seen as act of cultural diplomacy, as it uses one of the tools of culture, namely music in order to encourage dialogue between North and South Korea. As Barenboim stated in an interview "music may not be problem solver, but can be source of passion and interest that facilitated dialogue'.