US and UK Foreign Ministers Call for End to Violence Against Women

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The US Secretary of State John Kerry and the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Take Tough Stance Against Violence Against Women Committed by Recognized Terrorist Groups

August 31st, 2015


The Foreign Ministers of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, co-wrote an article yesterday, published in British broadsheet The Guardian, calling for tougher measures to be taken against violence against women. Pointing to cases in Iraq and Syria and in Nigeria, they highlight the abuse that is particularly prevalent in conflict areas and passed off as “sham marriages”.

In some of the strongest language recently heard from the US and UK, the ministers called the situation “a stain on the conscience of the world” and referred to last year’s international conference at which 120 countries vowed greater action at shielding and rescuing survivors of violence, particularly in conflict zones.

They acknowledged the recent social movements that have raised awareness about sexual violence as a war crime whilst repeating the unacceptable nature of everything that surrounds these heinous crimes. As a result, this joint piece acts as another call to arms in the fight for sexual equality and the respect for women’s rights.

As conflicts continue to unfold throughout the world and create more and more women victims this move appears as not only welcome but necessary. However, the politicians also recognized that States alone cannot change mentalities and cultures. Therefore, they highlighted the crucial role that faith leaders can play in the battles ahead, in order to ensure a decent life for all.

Finally, this call will only be measured on the actions that it generates. Indeed, if a success such as that of London last year can be repeated, then will this piece have been useful.

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